Never stop starting.

Building a startup into a business takes a lot of things.

Capital. Guidance. Discipline.

But above all, it takes work. Relentless work. Work that’s driven by desire and fueled by an unwavering optimism. Work so focused, so purposeful, that in a way, it’s not like work at all. Start Co. is part venture development group, part accelerator, and all work. Because while access to mentors, investors and facilities is helpful, there are two much simpler steps to turning great ideas into great companies:
  1. Start.
  2. Never stop.
Let‘s get started.

Meet the Start Co. team.

  • Eric Mathews

    CEO & Founder

    Eric Mathews is CEO and Founder of Start Co. bringing his experience in technology transfer and research and development to lead efforts in building innovative technologies into successful products for going to market. His core efforts are building early stage startup companies, accurately identifying gaps in the ecosystem, and filling those gaps with expert technical assistance, resources, and/or capital.

    • Artificial intelligence post graduate training
    • Formerly with the FedEx Institute of Technology leading corporate R&D
    • Early stage investor in startups for over 7 years.
  • Andre Fowlkes


    Andre K. Fowlkes serves as Co-President of Start Co. bringing his experience in finance and economic and community development to handle the business side of organization. His primary concern is not only growing public and private investment for Start Co., but for the Memphis entrepreneurial ecosystem in general. However he brings extensive experience in efforts for the inclusion of minorities and women, students, and social organizations that Start Co. practices.

    • Over a decade of portfolio management in capital markets
    • Previously at Fisher Investments in SFO and trader in NYC
    • Business development expert
    • Recognized leader in social innovation