Rhodes College Alumnae in the World of Entrepreneurship


Recent female Rhodes College graduates are making an impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Memphis. Each of these ladies majored in a variety of disciplines; however, they used their Rhodes experience to enter and impact the business community.

Rhodes College Women Alumnae

Top Row: Sarah Baumann, Daisy Laird. Bottom Row:
Lindsay Gess, Claire Coulter


Sarah Baumann ’16

Sarah, an Urban Studies major, now works as an entrepreneur. She devotes her time to her business, Signet Sealed and uses her artistic abilities to illustrate major attractions and themes in prominent cities in the United States and beyond. Sarah loved the idea of being “her own boss” and turning her hobby into a business opportunity, which is one of the first things that appealed to her about entrepreneurship. Sarah credits the Rhodes community with promoting her business and, of course, being some of her first customers. Since graduation, Sarah invests her energy full-time to Signet Sealed. Her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to “Start Now!”

View Sarah’s creations on the Signet Sealed website: https://www.signetsealed.com

Daisy Laird ’13

Alongside her courses, Daisy worked in the Rhodes College Career Services office. She believes that positions like her student employee and RSA roles “teach real, applicable skills that allow students to be exposed to the world of business… regardless of their backgrounds”. For those interested in becoming an entrepreneur, Daisy suggests taking advantage of Start Co.’s online resources and asking for advice from mentors. 

Following completion of her degree in Theatre at Rhodes, Daisy continued her education at Christian Brothers University, obtaining her MBA with a concentration in Project Management. She is now the Chief of Staff & Relationship Manager at Start Co. and enjoys impacting the Memphis business community.

Contact Daisy at https://www.linkedin.com/in/daisy-laird

Lindsay Gess ’17

Lindsay will graduate this spring with a BA in English. Her connection to Memphis’ entrepreneurial sphere began with Start Co. She participated alongside the accelerator programs during the summer of 2016 and continued as an Associate at Start Co. in the Fall. Lindsay’s primary activities included networking, managing social media, and organizing events. 

She says that Rhodes prepared her well for the hard work essential to the entrepreneurial environment. Lindsay’s advice to current students applying to internships: “You have to be the one to make it happen for yourself and never stop”.

Message Lindsay on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsay-gess

Claire Coulter ’15

Claire also interned at Start Co. during her junior and senior years. Using her background in chemistry, Claire participated in Start Co.’s Seed Hatchery Accelerator program, helping to develop the startup Preteckt. Claire is the Lead User Interface Developer at Preteckt, a startup which offers a predictive maintenance device for transportation vehicles.

Coulter credits Rhodes with giving her the tools to excel outside the classroom. She advises young professionals to “continually push yourself to grow- it is definitely necessary in the startup world”

Get in touch with at: coucc15@gmail.com and learn more about Claire’s start-up at http://www.preteckt.com

Rhodes’ current campaign suggests to “be essential,” and these women have truly become essential to the growth of the startup ecosystem in Memphis. To get involved with Start Co. visit neverstop.co, and to learn more about the growing startup trend in Tennessee visit Launch Tennessee’s website http://launchtn.org

Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with Josh Herwig SOMAVAC Medical Founder


Founders of SOMAVAC Josh Herwig and Dr. Esra Roan.

Founders of SOMAVAC Josh Herwig and Dr. Esra Roan.

Josh Herwig is a jack-of-all-trades with professional experience in machine design, electronics, and manufacturing. Herwig and co-founder Esra Roan- with over fifteen years experience in biomedical research- established SOMAVAC Medical Solutions Inc. to address ongoing issues experienced by patients recovering from major surgeries. SOMAVAC created an inconspicuous device to continually draw together tissue through suction. Their solution restores a patient’s dignity and allows for mobility while recuperating. Josh Herwig shares his incomparable experience in the 2016 Summer of Acceleration.


Q: Where did the idea for your business come from?

A: In our case, the clinical problem originated from a series of conversations that my co-founder, Dr. Esra Roan, and I had with several surgeons who we previously collaborated with in the academic setting. The real idea for a medical device then grew from a combination of that clinical problem and our in-depth interviews with patients experiencing problems recovering from major surgeries.

Q: What was your favorite or most impactful experience at Start Co.?

A: The most impactful experience at Start Co. was the initial programming we received. Both Dr. Esra Roan and I have technical backgrounds. So the business “boot camp” was invaluable in terms of getting us up to speed with what it means to really construct a sustainable business.

Q: What were your expectations coming into the Start Co. program and how did that change?

A: As an engineer, I can be pretty skeptical. I honestly expected the program to be filled with a lot of the fluff and hype that’s typically associated with the startup world. But Eric, Andre, Mara, and the other mentors, really created a succinct, focused program that was aimed at uncovering the core principles and drivers of a business.   

Q: If you were to sell another founder on why Start Co. and why Memphis what would you say?  

A: There are several important components to Start Co. that make it unique. The program is intense and hands-on. The folks who run the program and the mentors are constantly accessible and continually pushing founders to do the things necessary to test, understand, and grow their companies. You are put in contact with potential investors from day one; the program itself is really an interview for follow-up funding. Another unique feature of Start Co. is its location in Memphis, TN. Most of the country doesn’t look like New York or San Francisco. Memphis is much more indicative of the rest of the country and serves as an actual representative proving ground for customer discovery. Memphis is also extremely affordable. This means you have a much longer runway creating the potential for more pivots and product iterations. Also, people in Memphis are very accessible and genuinely interested in your success, which really helps when you’re stuck and need someone to guide your next move.

Q: How can people reach you?

A: Anybody can reach us personally at esra@somavac.com and josh@somavac.com. They can also contact us through Facebook and Twitter at @SOMAVACMedical or through our website www.somavac.com

Winners Announced from Pre-Seed Pitch Competition


Thanks to everyone who submitted their 90-second video in Start Co.’s Pre-Seed Pitch Competition. There were tons of great ideas and we encourage everyone to continue working on and building their startups.  We had 5 different prizes and are excited to announce the winners:

1st Place: FastApp from Memphis, TN

Check out their pitch:


Most Creative: Truck Driver Power from St. Louis, MO

  • $200 Amex Giftcard

Solving the Biggest Problem: Fast App from Memphis, TN

  • $150 Amex Giftcard

Strongest Team: Flock United from Memphis, TN

  • $100 Amex Giftcard

Most Enthusiastic Presentation: Flock United from Memphis, TN

  • $50 Starbucks Giftcard

Also, we’re accepting accelerator applications through today, March 1st so apply now! Click here for more information or reach out to us at info@neverstop.co

Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with Sasha Kucharczyk, Preteckt Founder


Sasha Kucharczyk, Preteckt Founder

Sasha Kucharczyk, Preteckt Founder

Commercial trucking is one of the most used forms of cross-country product transportation. Sasha Kucharczyk and his team invented a device to ensure a smooth ride for companies and their drivers. The Preteckt device is a networked prediction service that connects into any truck. Data collected through sensors alert the driver of signs of machinery failure weeks or months in advance. Sasha Kucharczyk shares with us his beginnings and development journey with Start Co.’s Seed Hatchery Accelerator program.

Q: Where did the idea for your business come from?

A: The initial idea came from one of my co-founder’s experience in receiving maintenance.  However, our company has pivoted a few times since then. The current idea came from applying the idea we were working on before moving to Memphis with a market vertical we were introduced to after we joined the Start Co. accelerator.

Q: What was your favorite or most impactful experience at Start Co.?

A: The “your baby is ugly mentality”, which was stressed many times. That is to say, you need to accept that your first iterations of your product may not be market-ready. You need continuous feedback from your customers at all stages of development in order to ‘hit-the-mark’.

Q: What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business?

A: Get customer feedback, get it early, and iterate.

Q: What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it?

A: Going for growth too early. Growth is what makes a startup and it gets a lot of the attention. However, it can also be a major distraction if you are lacking good retention. Early on, we kept trying for growth before we hit product-market fit.  We would get customer interest, get them to try our product, and then the relationship would fizzle out. We experimented a bit to try and fix this problem but kept falling short. We have since come to the conclusion that we had been thinking about the problem incorrectly. The problem was not about how we were engaging and interacting with our customers, but characteristics of the product we were selling.  By removing features to a core set of features that strongly resonated with our customers, we were able to change the trajectory of our company and move back on the path to product-market fit.

Q: If you went to another program how was your experience different at Start Co.?

A: We have done a few programs. Where I found that Start Co. shines is that every team member at the accelerator is willing to go the extra mile and out of their way to help portfolio companies succeed.  That extends well beyond Demo Day.  We feel like we have a 24/7 hotline that we can call anytime we have a question or challenge.  Every one of them truly cares for us as individuals and for the success of our business.

Q: If you were to sell another founder on why Start Co. and why Memphis what would you say?  

A: Start Co. is an early-stage accelerator that will provide you with support to make your idea into an actual business.  Unlike many other accelerators out there, the hands-on help and support continues after Demo-day.

Q: How can people reach you?

A: Email Sasha Kucharczyk at sasha@preteckt.com and visit the website at http://www.preteckt.com


Interested in participating in Start Co.’s Summer Accelerator Program? Apply before Wednesday March 1, 2017 at http://neverstop.co/seedhatchery/.

Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with Chelsea White, ProxBox Founder


Chelsea White Founder of ProxBox

Chelsea White Founder of ProxBox

ProxBox provides an array of tools to alleviate the pain realtors experience on a daily basis. Chelsea White and Bryan Barringer founded Proxbox to tackle common issues such as marketing listings, collecting feedback from interested buyers, and scheduling showings. One of the most notable features of Proxbox is the ability to provide information customizable by room for interested shoppers during an open house tour using sensors. Currently Proxbox is the only app on the market to assist agents in all aspects of their job. We sat down with Chelsea to discuss her journey through Start Co.’s Seed Hatchery Acceleration program.

Q: Where did the idea for your business come from?  

A: Traditionally, agents struggle to exchange listing information on demand. We provide a solution that actively markets listings onsite 24/7. Our solution brings homes to life by using beacons. Therefore enhancing the entire real estate experience. When we first started researching this technology in the real estate market we couldn’t find anything close to what we have currently designed. And even to this day competition is very low and isolated. Yet after hundreds of customers interviews, the demand for ProxBox is high.

Q: What does your typical day look like, and how do you make it productive?

A: I start every day off with a checklist. I list five to ten item to complete by the end of my work day. As a growing startup, every minute counts and you want to make sure you are spending your time on things that help and growing your business.

Q: How do you bring ideas to life?

A: If you want to bring an idea to life make sure you do lots of research about your idea. Make sure there is a market or problem your idea can help or fix.

Q: What’s one trend that really excites you?


Q: What is one habit of yours that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur?

A: I read lots of books from other entrepreneurs and take notes. I apply those notes to my business. I have found the best way to grow as a person and leader is learning from others’ mistakes. Most of the time, it can save you lots of time and money.

Q: What advice would you give your younger self?

A: Do research about the product and market before you sell anything. Remember building something for everyone is like building something for no one.

Q: As an entrepreneur, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?

A: Working out daily and eating healthy!

Q: What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business?

A: Team dynamics! My co-founder and I worked hard on building our team and business foundation. Early on we found out communication is key!

Q: What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it?

A: Losing a business. I started my first business at twenty-one years old. I was lucky it grew really fast and failed even faster. I made lots of mistakes; I had no idea how to run a business successfully. I knew I had a great idea but I had no business canvas or execution plan to put in place. I overcame it by learning from my mistakes. In my business now I research everything and assume nothing. I also make sure there is a positive return in every decision concerning the business and its growth.

Q: What is one business idea that you’re willing to give away to our readers?

A: New popcorn bucket for a movie theater to help the butter to salt ratio. That is all I’m saying.

Q: What was your favorite or most impactful experience at Start Co.?  

A: Start Co. picked our company to travel to San Francisco to meet with investors and to do more market validation. That was the first time I pitched to agents, sellers, and homes buyers outside of my city. It was amazing! It helped me grow as a salesperson so much. I will forever be grateful for that experience.

Q: What were your expectations coming into the Start Co. program and how did that change? A: We really didn’t know what to expect other than it was going to be a lot of hard work. Over the course of six months, we realized just how much work and dedication was involved. And the Start Co. team was with us the whole way. My co-founder and I are so happy we entered the Start Co. program it has helped our business grow to where it is now.

Q: How can people reach you?

A: Learn more about Proxbox at their website https://www.f6s.com/proxbox and contact Chelsea White at cwhite@proxbox.me.

Interested in participating in Start Co.’s Summer Accelerator Program? Apply before Wednesday March 1, 2017 at http://neverstop.co/seedhatchery/.