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MyCollegeSTREAM Opens Social Media Doors


(Memphis Daily) When high school students choose a college, more than financial aid availability and potential majors go into the decision.

In the university world, there is an abundance of activities, organizations and academic schools with news to share. And in today’s world, news often is shared via social media channels.

But following a school’s main Twitter feed isn’t enough. Individual colleges, honors societies, athletic teams, Greek organizations and many others have their own social media channels. Tracking all of them can be a challenge.

Imagining what MyCollegeSTREAM might have meant for his own experience drew co-founder Bryant Warren to the startup.

(Courtesy of Delta Regional Authority)

Brian Summerhill said the purpose of his startup is to make the process easier for prospective students, their parents and guidance counselors. He is the CEO of MyCollegeSTREAM, an education technology company that created a Web-based app that uses college social media accounts to engage with students. The service helps students research post-high school opportunities such as trade schools, community colleges and public and private universities.

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LendMed Wants to Track Health Care Sharing


Through conversations with health care industry professionals, Ryan Freiden saw a need he thought he could fill. Hospitals have an obligation to care for patients. But it’s not possible for facilities to stock every combination of medication, devices or equipment that is needed for care. So often those facilities borrow from each other.

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Memphis cosmetic startup diversifies to keep up with demand


After starting out as a website where women could trade unused and unwanted beauty products, eDivv now allows its users to buy and sell their wares.

Casey Casterline, the company’s CEO and co-founder, said the company has more than 200,000 products available on its site, with around 1,500 more uploaded every week. That amount of traffic and inventory led her to create the online store. The company upcharges on shipping and takes 9 percent of each sale.


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Memphis Tech Startup on Hot Streak


It may have taken a little longer than expected, but MentorMe is on a hot streak that includes stints in accelerator programs in San Francisco and Atlanta and the creation of partnerships with several schools and companies in between.

The company, which graduated from the Seed Hatchery accelerator in 2013, has a formal contract with the Memphis Grizzlies Foundation that will put 10 of the organization’s funded programs on its platform, and work with the Knoxville and Greater Memphis Chambers of Commerce. The company is also working with The Mentoring Project in Oklahoma City and Portland, Oregon.


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Three Memphis Companies Selected for Exclusive List of “The Tenn”


The third incarnation of Launch Tennessee’s master accelerator program, The Tenn, has selected the eight participants in this year’s class. And, once again, Memphis leads the way, with three of its companies being selected to participate. The three Memphis companies are alumni of Start Co.’s accelerators.

The Memphis companies selected for The Tenn are:

  • DivorceSecure — a workflow and collaboration platform for divorce attorneys to automate and streamline the intake process and create a negotiation strategy based on the clients’ preferences.
  • LendMed — a platform that provides hospitals a controlled environment for borrowing and lending medical supplies, allowing them to initiate and approve requests and keep an itemized accounting system of debts.
  • Preteckt — a program that predicts vehicle breakdowns before they happen through hardware that is placed into the vehicle’s sensor data, which extracts more than 16,000 signals in real-time.

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Code Crew Offers a Tech Future for Area Kids


CodeCrew is leading the youth coding movement in Memphis. As a nonprofit organization founded by Audrey Jones, Petya Grady and Meka Egwuekwe, CodeCrew empowers kids from underserved communities to be tech innovators and leaders through practical, hands-on computer science mentoring and training.
With a goal of making a wide and positive impact on Memphis, the intent is to introduce large numbers of kids to coding and mentoring them as they grow with it — with the hope that more kids will chose careers in computer science and STEM.
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Start Co. graduate sees growth with divorce


A little more than a month after completing Start Co.’s Seed Hatchery accelerator program, Hirsch Serman is facing a new challenge: trying to meet demand for his product.


Serman’s DivorceSecure is an online program that aims to streamline the divorce process. Since completing Demo Day in August, DivorceSecure is averaging around one new sign up a week. On Demo Day, the company had verbal commitments from 16 attorneys, while four were actually on the platform. Now, nine are on the platform and three more have been signed.

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Local startup pioneers social media marketing intelligence


Social marketing tools can analyze a company’s followers and fans but it fails at determining which of those followers are their actual users. That’s why Aaron Fitzgerald, Kelly Schricker and Morgan McCullough, a team of entrepreneurs, data scientists and marketers, set out to develop a marketing automation tool that could provide real-time insights about customers’ social behaviors, along with recommended content sharing actions.
As Rhodes alumni, this team was familiar with Memphis and they selected Start Co. to launch their idea because it gave them the opportunity to give something back to the city.

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A new pipeline for tech talent


In Memphis, IT directors are struggling to find tech talent, with over 1,000 openings going unfilled. At the same time, many people are desperately seeking to change to high-paying careers. Start Co, the leading entrepreneurship development organization, founded Capital C as a bridge between the two situations. Capital C is a code school for adults who are serious about landing jobs as entry-level software and web developers.

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Memphis Poised to Become Regional Anchor for Entrepreneurs


A federal agency’s attention to Memphis’ entrepreneurial ecosystem could bring stronger investment and resources for startups.

Of the 16 startups that presented, SweetBio, LendMed, MyCollegeSTREAM and FrontDeskConnect were selected to be fellows in the DRA’s Delta Entrepreneurship Network. The DRA was so impressed with the field that it selected four businesses instead the original plan of three, according to Christopher Masingill, DRA’s federal co-chairman.

SweetBio is a graduate of Memphis Bioworks’ ZeroTo510 accelerator, and LendMed and MyCollegeSTREAM are graduates of Start Co.’s accelerators. Musistic, also a Start Co. graduate, was selected as an alternate.

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