Being Held Accountable Leads to More Success


That’s right! You are far more likely to achieve your goals when you have someone to hold you accountable. Startup entrepreneurs take note and find someone.

If accountability leads to more success, why are people so afraid of it? It might have something to do with their childhood upbringing. I’m sure your parents held you accountable for completing your chores. They had to be done ‘right’ before running out the door only to return for lunch and beat the street lights home. So, what I’m really saying here is most things that fall under accountability have little to do with fun or comfort. They do, however, help us become better individuals at prioritizing, order, and systems.

At Start Co. this is exactly how we lead. Entrepreneurs and innovators come through our doors with ideas and/or working businesses seeking help to move to the next level. During our initial meetings, we spend time assessing the current needs of each individual and team so we can plug them into the proper channel of resources. These resources include one-on-one mentoring, a co-working space, 90 day accelerators programs, weekly workshops on fundraising, pitching, and general business development.

After finding a fit, the real work begins. Starting up and giving yourself a shot at success is no small task. All massive undertakings such as this require a vision, planning, and accountability. We’ve found that accountability is usually the missing (but important) piece for founders since most are starting up at home or working alone. However, there is power in the social construct of being around other people who are pursuing similar passions. The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem constructed by Start Co. is filled with people who are passionate about the mission of making Memphis a Venture City. They are the people that will hold you accountable in reaching your milestones.

But how do I find an accountability partner?

You can start by asking. Asking is free, but the work to be successful is going to cost you comfort.



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