Is Memphis Ready for FounderDating? (YES- with your help!)


FounderDating touts itself as “the premiere online network for entrepreneurs to connect with cofounders.” The concept is simple but powerful: create a network of entrepreneurs – of differing talents and experience – who are eager to take on a new venture or project. Best case, you find the cofounder of your dreams- or at least one who will fuel your dreams to fruition. Worst case, you still gain a pretty impressive network. And if you’ve spent any time in the startup world you know how invaluable your network is!

Their team includes cofounder and Chief Connector Jessica Alter, also a mentor for 500 Startups; Microsoft’s Director of Corporate Development Brian Shultz; and The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development co-author Patrick Vlaskovitz. And that’s just a sampling of FounderDating’s incredible team that’s already rolled out their network to cities like Austin, Las Vegas and Washington, DC.

So we’ll cut to the chase: we want Memphis to be included in the FounderDating network. For that to happen we need 75 applications for membership to be submitted. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start your next project, or interested in joining forces with a founder who has a bold idea, please apply here. Applicants will be screened, including for skill sets, as they’re looking for 50% engineers. Once we reach 75 qualified applications Memphis will be “unlocked” and can access the FounderDating network.

NOTE: FounderDating has also partnered with Teach for America to create FounderDating Education. We know Memphis is ground zero for education reform, so if you’re interested in reshaping education through entrepreneurship please apply as well.

So please apply today and help us spread the word. This is one more way that we can fuel entrepreneurship and innovation in Memphis, and put our growing startup scene on the map!

Oh, and to guarantee a pretty awesome kickoff party…