Memphis startup simplifies home sales


Homebuyers and real estate agents have a new sales tool at their disposal. In contrast to the traditional real estate model, MLS My Nestintroduces cost-sensitive home sellers to agents in their area who will list their home for a flat fee of $1,500 instead of a percentage commission fee. Co-founded in Memphis by Jessica Buffington and Dustie Zvolanek, in just 60 days their team has expanded to 23 cities, 35 network Realtors(R), 87 listings, with two homes already sold.
In high-demand markets, homes are practically selling themselves, so it is often hard for homeowners to justify paying a three percent commission fee to a listing agent. On the other hand, sellers often prefer the benefit of full representation by an agent, which includes the value of an MLS listing that better ensures buyer traffic.
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