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An Early Stage Entrepreneurship Effort for All of Memphis

MEMx is a comprehensive entrepreneurship effort for the City of Memphis led by Start Co. and Jumpstart America, venture development organizations based in Memphis, TN and Cleveland, OH respectively.

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MEMx is an effort three years in the making to transform Memphis into a venture city — an effort where entrepreneurship is the catalyst across all realms of the city. While partners have been working in stealth mode to bring the principles of MEMx to light over this three year period, we can see the progress.

Three years ago little material resource was placed at the earliest stages of startup development in our community. Fast forward to today where many experiments have been completed to validate how entrepreneurship advances the Memphis community.

We are out of stealth mode now with MEMx and the Partners for Exponential Entrepreneurial Growth.

Already underway with a broad base of partners from across the entire Memphis community, MEMx is a comprehensive entrepreneurship effort for the City of Memphis led by Start Co. and Jumpstart, Inc., venture development organizations based in Memphis, Tennessee and Cleveland, Ohio respectively.

This effort’s core is about continuing to build our nationally competitive, yet distinctly Memphis, startup ecosystem to advance our community’s economic growth.

While at Start Co. we focus on relentlessly building of founders and their companies with mentors, investors, technical assistance, and support resources, MEMx is not just bound to startups and high growth entrepreneurial companies — it is a movement of talent and empowerment.

MEMx certainly seeks to not only better equip entrepreneurs, but also to 1) equip those organizations who build entrepreneurs and 2) building innovative talent for area companies and institutions using entrepreneurial principles.

Based on the belief that the problem-solving process startups employ can be embraced and utilized by all, MEMx creates a better community, more inclusion, and better public-private partnerships. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the few with special access and support.