MyCollegeSTREAM Opens Social Media Doors


(Memphis Daily) When high school students choose a college, more than financial aid availability and potential majors go into the decision.

In the university world, there is an abundance of activities, organizations and academic schools with news to share. And in today’s world, news often is shared via social media channels.

But following a school’s main Twitter feed isn’t enough. Individual colleges, honors societies, athletic teams, Greek organizations and many others have their own social media channels. Tracking all of them can be a challenge.

Imagining what MyCollegeSTREAM might have meant for his own experience drew co-founder Bryant Warren to the startup.

(Courtesy of Delta Regional Authority)

Brian Summerhill said the purpose of his startup is to make the process easier for prospective students, their parents and guidance counselors. He is the CEO of MyCollegeSTREAM, an education technology company that created a Web-based app that uses college social media accounts to engage with students. The service helps students research post-high school opportunities such as trade schools, community colleges and public and private universities.

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