We’re Recruiting Rockstar Startups


Calling all rockstar startups: We’ve released applications for three of our Summer 2015 Accelerators – Seed Hatchery (B2B), Upstart (Women-Led) and Sky High (Social Impact).

Highlights of the programs include $25k seed investment, mentors and partners to bring your business to the next level, national office hours with resources and influencers at Start-Q (aka BBQFest Startup Meetup), and a Demo Day drawing investors and connectors from across the country.

Ready to hit the grindstone? Here’s who we’re looking for:

  • Founders that are passionate, flexible and execution oriented.
  • Teams with the necessary technical talent and business know-how
  • Ideas that are solving a real problem (not just building a cool technology)
  • Leaders that are willing to go all in and embrace the risky business of starting up.

Think you have the team to get the job done? Apply by March 1st or reach out to us with questions at info@neverstop.coProgram Dates: May 4 – August 13

For application pointers, check out these posts: