Reppin’ the 901 in Silicon Valley


As many of you know, this spring I left Start Co. to join a startup. What can I say? After surrounding myself with the grit ‘n grind of ambitious founders I caught the entrepreneurial bug myself. The company I’ve joined is called SynapsePay – a Memphis-born startup that processes bank payments (in tech-speak, we’ve built a white-labeled API for ACH payments). We have a great team that I’ve watched from the very start, so needless to say it was an honor to join and an awesome opportunity for me professionally.

Since transitioning into my new role with SynapsePay, our team has relocated to San Francisco to be closer to our customers. Although the decision to move was the right one for our team, we wouldn’t be where we were today without the amazing support we found in Memphis, including our investors and advisors, our banking partners, our early adopters, and the startup ecosystem (shout out to the Crews Center and Start Co.). As for me personally, I want you all to know that I am still as in love with Memphis as I ever was. It has had such a huge impact on my life, and I am incredibly grateful to the city and the people who poured so much into me.  When you love Memphis, it loves you back, and that has certainly been the case for me tenfold.

I am now one month into my life in San Francisco, but my eyes will be on Memphis in the coming weeks as the city’s accelerators gear up for another accelerator season. Start Co. has a fresh batch of B2B, women-led, and social impact startups beginning May 4th, and ZeroTo510 resumes its medical device accelerator shortly after. These startup founders are putting their companies on the line to startup in Memphis and I cannot wait to see what they’re building.

Though I’ll be watching from afar, I hope to continue to be an asset to the city, and Memphis startups, in whatever way that I can. It has been a privilege to be a part of the movement to put Memphis on the map, not just in tech, but in all things entrepreneurial and innovative, and I am proud to represent the 901 in Silicon Valley (or wherever else life takes me).

Don’t be a stranger. I’m just an email away.

Never Stop,


PS: If you need someone to process payments between bank accounts for only 25¢ per transaction, we can help (! #ABC #AlwaysBeClosing


Hillary Quirk, founding team member of SynapsePay, is the former Program & Community Manager at Start Co. You can follow her on twitter at @HillaryQuirk.