Start Co. Post-Acceleration Efforts Help Startups


(Memphis Daily) Graduation from a Start Co. startup accelerator and making a pitch to investors at the organization’s “Demo Day” is no longer the last stage to cross before entrepreneurs head out into the wild to sink or swim.

The entrepreneurship organization has now set up a post-acceleration program, and as part of that program graduating cohort members can participate in workshops and teaching sessions to help them build out the next phase of their business plans and better align themselves for follow-on funding rounds. That new program is specifically designed for founders to build the skills they need to succeed after “Demo Day,” which marks the end of Start Co.’s accelerator programs and sees entrepreneurs make their pitch for funding to carry their ventures to the next level.

The new program, which kicked off Sept. 5 at Start Co.’s Downtown Start Lab, aims to help founders who recently graduated from one of Start Co.’s four accelerator programs – Seed Hatchery, Upstart, Sky High and SparkGap.

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