Start Launching

This isn’t an office.
It’s a power plant.

Start Co. Lab is ground zero for our accelerators, programs, workshops, meet-ups, mixers and more. With free 24/7 access, it’s also home-away-from-home to the hardest working teams you’ll meet.

In short, it’s where real founders become real companies – the kind that make real money and attract real investors.

So pull up a hardhat, and let’s get to work. Contact Hillary Quirk to learn how to get plugged in.

Start Co. Accelerators

With industry-specialized programming, expert mentorship and seed-stage funding, the accelerators operated or supported by Start Co. are designed to turn concepts into business models, and founders into business owners.

Start Co. Programs & Events

When you love what you do, sometimes hard work doesn’t seem so hard. Our ongoing programs and events offer countless opportunities for founders and entrepreneurs to learn new skills, solve new problems, collaborate with new people, and have fun doing it.

48-Hour Launches

At least twice a year Start Co. unites the best local devs, creatives, business owners and marketers for a two-day build-a-thon designed to turn rough early-stage concepts into working demos. So pack your best ideas and your toothbrush. This is gonna be an all-nighter.


It’s tough to succeed in business without at least a rough knowledge of… well, business. Luckily our weekly crash course in business development is here to school you on basic finance, accounting, marketing and more. And unlike college, it’s free.

Start Co. Lounge

Even the hardest working teams need a break now and then. Besides, isn’t building a real-life social network of new friends and fellow founders just as important as building a company? “Like” if you agree. Then come “Share” our beer.


Start Co. hackathons put talented developers to work solving real-world problems for real-world clients. Our recent Logistics Technology Hackathon garnered participation from names like Twilio, Dwolla, Mosaik and FedEx.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Each November, this worldwide campaign encourages millions around the globe to explore their personal potential as innovators, self-starters and entrepreneurs.

Start Co. hosts a number of activities throughout GEW--from organized luncheons with mentors, investors and civic officials, to educational conferences and seminars—each designed to inspire and empower tomorrow’s wave of Memphis business leaders and job creators.

Save the Date:
Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov. 18-24, 2013

Start Co. Resources

In addition to our experienced team and seasoned mentors, Start Co. prides itself on the resources we make available to startups. Here are just a few of the tools we have available to assist founders.