Startup Profile: Cloud for Good


Cloud for Good” is a local cloud consulting firm quickly becoming a familiar name nationwide for organizations looking to develop their own solutions on top of the Salesforce platform.

CEO & Founder Tal Frankfurt first had the idea to start his own business when working for a non-profit in Israel. He discovered Salesforce as a great tool to manage relationships and recognized a growing need to bring the power of Salesforce to other organizations.

Tal moved to Memphis and like many entrepreneurs before him, started operating out of his home. After discovering LaunchMemphis though, Tal promptly made the Launchpad his interim office.

It was a great opportunity to leave the house and to see people who were going through the same process as me. – Tal Frankfurt

After just six months in the Launchpad, Tal hired his first employee and moved into new office space at Emerge Memphis. Today, Cloud for Good has eight employees and a rosy outlook on the future.

Some entrepreneurs have built and operated highly successful businesses from home, but most require separation between the home and the office. If you are a local entrepreneur trying to start a business, you should definitely look in to working out of the Launchpad until you can get your business off the ground!