Trolley Tour Partners: LaunchMemphis & Memphis Music Foundation


LaunchMemphis and the Memphis Music Foundation have teamed up before to bring you Memphis Music Launch, a twist on our 48 Hour Launch during which artists and industry members pitch music concepts and over a weekend convert them into written, performed, and recorded singles. And now we’ve teaming up for a decidedly more social purpose: a Trolley Tour party!

On Friday, June 29 from 6-8pm at the Music Foundation (431 South Main) we all raised a glass along with some of Memphis’ leading innovators and creators. In addition to great local music, participants had excellent opportunities to learn more about our local tech startup scene and how to  join our efforts of fueling the jobs of tomorrow.

We see a distinct connection between our efforts and those of the Music Foundation. We both work with visionaries and disrupters, the sort of creative talent we must attract, retain, and support in order to make Memphis a City of Choice. As we provide resources, programming, and mentorship to early stage entrepreneurs in our Launchpad, the MMF empowers musicians to be successful in the business elements of the industry through their Music Resource Center.

And with a thriving ecosystem in place, both high growth potential entrepreneurship and the music industry have the power to transform communities. Like ours.

Speaking of making Memphis a City of Choice, there were two other events taking place on June 29:

  • The Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team and Leadership Memphis presented Idea Lounge at Leadership Memphis (363 South Main). Participants provided an idea for making Memphis a better city and were then poured a drink. Ideas were collected, posted, and tweeted to facilitate collaboration- and action.
  • The Leadership Academy and Memphis College of Art hosted a Summer Experience reception at MCA’s Nesin Graduate School (477 South Main). The Academy’s annual Summer Experience initiative invites graduate students, recent college graduates and other young talent in Memphis for the summer to meet peers, network with business and community leaders and fall in love with Memphis.