Video showcases Memphis as a “Startup City”


(High Ground News) Engine, the voice of startups in government, recently made the trip from San Francisco to Memphis, where we’ve seen the local entrepreneurial ecosystem flourish over the last few years. Memphis is one of the cities Engine chose for its series of “Startup Cities” videos, where several successful entrepreneurship hubs outside the larger, typical startup markets in the U.S. are featured. Start Co. was highlighted as a part of Memphis’ video, illustrating how its four accelerator programs and vast startup resources are contributing toward the entrepreneurial community.

This series of videos came following the release of a recent report by theKauffman Foundation and Engine, where it was realized that high-tech startups are key drivers of job creation throughout the United States. Each video demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit that’s passionate about economic development and community growth. You can watch Memphis’ video here and read the blog post from Engine regarding their Memphis visit.

Memphis carried some surprises for the Engine team: a group of extremely dedicated entrepreneurs, many from other areas, and a community passionate about building a better future for the city. Entrepreneurs who moved here from other areas found an abundance of resources at their disposal: talented mentors, investors and other successful startup founders – all willing to jump in and help.

Watch the video at High Ground News